Custom Plastic by Onepointsix doesn't only make plastic components, we also manufactures a variety of types of componenets such as:

  • Plastic Moulding – Injection Moulding - PP, PC, ABS etc

    • Custom Plastic parts

    • Plastic Fabrication

  • Laser/Water Jet/Router Cutting – Acrylic, Polycarbonate, MDF, Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel etc

    • Custom Profiles

  • Fabrication/Weldments – Sheet Metal, RHS, SHS, etc

    • Welding, Bending, Rolling, Cutting etc.

  • Dye Casting – Aluminium

    • Custom Complex metal parts

  • Turning – Steel, Aluminium, Timber and Plastics

  • Machining – Steel, Aluminium, Timber and Plastics

    • Rapid Prototypes and Finished Parts

  • 3D Printing – Various materials and types of 3D printing

    • FDM/SLS/SLA/SLM and more

  • Packaging – Cardboard and Plastics

  • Extrusions – Plastic and Aluminium

  • Printing/Die cutting

  • Or anything else you need, we'll find a supplier and organise the whole thing...


We here at onepointsix can design nearly anything you require. Creating 3D data and technical drawings to ensure your products are manufactured correctly. Project experience includes:

  • Reverse engineering to produce replacement parts and updated drawings for the defence industry

  • Design and production of large scale assemblies and components for the transport sector

  • Design of complex mechanisms and intricate parts for electronic products

Custom Design

Custom design is one of the most unique services we offer. Partnered with onepointsix product design, we can create stunning, beautiful, breathtaking, intriguing, simple, elegant, futuristic and functional designs that are specifically targeted towards a demographic. Design projects include:


Most complex custom designs require a combination of new and standard part. We have built up a large network of suppliers both locally and international that we use to provide parts and production for our clients. If we don't already have a supplier we won't rest until we find one that's just right.


Call or email us for custom plastic moulding and plastic fabrication needs:

1300 992 114


Plastic Moulding & Plastic Fabrication Experts in North Melbourne

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